War of the Spark Prerelease – Register NOW!

War of the Spark Prerelease

April 27th & 28th – Preregister now!

Come to Games Laboratory for the largest prerelease in town!

Meet old friends and make new ones!
Celebrate the new set and cards with a store full of like-minded people!

Invite your friends on Facebook to join in on the action!

Prereleases are a celebration of a new Magic set. They are a series of events run over one huge weekend! Each event runs for about 4 hours.

They’re a fun and casual way to play, to get a whole bunch of new cards and to meet new people. Prereleases are the only way to get hold of the cards from the new set before the official sale date so, don’t miss out!

Every player gets a prerelease pack, plus an extra 2 War of the Spark Packs for participation!

The prerelease packs contains:

  • 6 boosters of War of the Spark (1 planeswalker guarantee in each pack!!!)
  • 2 stamped promo cards, one random rare or mythic from the set and one random planeswalker from the 36 announced!
  • 1 Spindown life counter

The event runs for three rounds, each round being the best of three games against someone who has won as many rounds as you.

Events schedule and details
on the event page.

For this prerelease both the Saturday and Sunday 11am events are 2HG!
Team up with your friend and play together as a team!

(More info here Two Headed-Giant (2HG))