Upcoming Board Game Events: March!

We have some really exiting events coming up in the next couple of weeks!!!

They are all different to suit each one of your gaming needs!

Our League@Lab is well on its way check it out and join the fun every Wednesday!

Play as the big bad monster and destroy any hero who ventures into your dungeon this Saturday 10th of March  with Boss Monster!

We have TWO Learn to Play events coming up! First is Photosynthesis, try out your green thumb and grow the best of forests this 17th of March. 

Right after that we have Azul on the 24th of March. Azul is a beautiful abstract tile placing game, a must try!

Finally we challenge all our monster lovers with our next Lab’s Challenge: Monsters!. Play three monster themed games and reveal your true villain this 7th of April.

All of these events happen once a month so keep and eye on our Store Calendar!