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Magic Prerelease Pregistration

Just a heads up – online preregistration has shut! We’re still taking phone orders on 96022075 though, so give us a call!!

We’re open now, and won’t be shutting until Saturday night – many, many rounds of Magic: The Gathering between now and then!

Get your technical Born of the Gods information here, and general Prerelease information here

Theros Prerelease – Sept 21st/22nd

Exciting times for the new store! We’ve got our fingers crossed that the new tables and chairs arrive in the next two days so we can max out our Event Space and really show what a fully operational Games Laboratory is capable of!

6 events this weekend! Midnight Friday, 5am / 10am / 3.30pm Saturday as well as 2HG at 10am Sunday and finally the true test of Heroic stamina, 3.30pm Sunday.

Each event is 40$ to enter, and you’ll walk away with a minimum of 6 Theros boosters, a promo card and tales of the victories and defeats at the hands of four different opponents!

Take your first step along the Heroes Path at Games Lab this weekend 😀