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Product Updates!

Happy to let you all know that we should have enough Magic Modern Masters boosters to keep you all happy over the weekend, with lots of drafts! Starting with the first 8 people who put their names on the list Friday, and going all weekend – don’t forget that runs until Monday! Public holidays! Yeah!

We’ve also had an update on the Legend of the 5 Rings Coils of Madness tins – they’ll be in store “soon”. I know that’s not actually much to go on, but it seems there’s been some distributor issues 🙁 Still have some boosters left for those who need a fix – as well as Torn Asunder packs, and deals on older product.

Netrunner Future Proof data packs in Friday, plus restocks of Stars Wars LCG expansions A Dark Time and The Search for Skywalker, not to mention the new Game of Thrones LCG expansion The Captains Command.

Boom! Gaming! All set for your long weekend needs!