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Quick Drafts join FNM!

We have modified our FNM 7pm Speed Drafts to be BestOfOne also known as Quick Drafts!

Here is the rundown of the event:

  • You will have 30 minutes to draft followed by 10 minutes to deck construct
  • Matches are Best of One, meaning the first one to win a game wins the round
  • Players get a Free Mulligan
  • You will still play 3 Rounds with 40 minutes per round
  • You will get a pack per win and of course, keep everything you draft

Make the leap from Magic Arena to Paper this Friday!

If you have any questions let us know 🙂

Last Standard PPTQ this Saturday!!!

Registration 10:30-10:50 for a 11:00 sharp start, late players will receive penalties.

You can grab your entry ticket here!

3 Booster packs per player will go into the Prize Pool, with payouts to X-2 or better based on Swiss.

Top 8 play off for the invite to the RPTQ!

4X Planeswalker point multiplier.

This is a Competitive Event and will require a decklist – we’ll be accepting online submissions, alternatively bring one with you or come with enough time to write one out on the day.

Check out our Competitive Event info page for more helpful tips.

Introducing Wednesday Commander Nights!

Commander is the biggest singleton format around. Play a truly unique format where you can customise you deck as much as you want!

$10 Entry – Play in pods of 4,
6:20pm onward,  pods will fire every time we get 4 players.
1 Round, 2 Booster Packs to the Winner of the Pod.
Plus 1 Pack to the player voted the most FUN amongst their peers.
No Time Limit.

Also every player will get a cool random promo!

Trios Event Prizes!

As the fated day draws near us we wanted to share our prize milestones!

With 10 Teams the store credit prizes, based on swiss standings, are as follows:

  • 1st – $120
  • 2nd – $90
  • 3rd – $60
  • 4th – $30
  • 5th – $20
  • 6th – $15
  • 7th – $10
  • 8th – $5

With 20 Teams the store credit prizes, based on swiss standings, are as follows:

  • 1st – $170
  • 2nd – $140
  • 3rd – $85
  • 4th – $55
  • 5th – $45
  • 6th – $40
  • 7th – $35
  • 8th – $30

With 30 Teams the store credit prizes, based on swiss standings, are as follows:

  • 1st – $270
  • 2nd – $240
  • 3rd – $135
  • 4th – $105
  • 5th – $95
  • 6th – $90
  • 7th – $85
  • 8th – $80

For more info click here!

We hope to see you all real soon!

Team Trios Constructed

Team Trios Constructed

Each team will include 1 standard, 1 modern and 1 legacy players. Swiss rounds based on attendance with a Top-4 finish into the final rounds.

10:00am registration for an 11:00am start.

LIMITED SEATS – There is only space for 30 teams at this event, so register now!

Entry fee is $50 per team, prizes will be Games Lab store credits/packs. Deck list will be required at registration.

Invite your Friends!

Magic Weekly Tournaments Updates!

Attention Magical Warriors we are changing

our weekly Magic events!

We made some changes to standardise our starting times and we have reintroduced Standard on Thursdays!!!

The changes are as follows:


  • Pauper
    • Starts: 6:20pm
      • 20 minutes later


  • Modern
    • Starts: 6:20pm
      • 10 minutes earlier


  • Draft
    • Starts: 6:00pm
      • 30 minutes earlier


  • Brawl
    • Starts: 6:20pm
      • 40 minutes earlier
  • Standard
    • Starts: 6.40pm
  • Legacy
    • Starts: 7:00pm
      • 30 minutes later


  • Draft
    •  Starts 6:00pm
  •  Modern
    • Starts 6:20pm
      • 10 minutes earlier
  • Standard
    •  Starts 6:40pm
      • 20 minutes earlier
  • Speed Draft
    • Starts 7:00 pm

We’ve also changed our regular round time for all our events to 45 minutes which should be an interesting experiment!  

As a final note we are reintroducing the Games Laboratory Guarantee! Basically if you show up to one of our events with your deck, paid your entry, and we simply don’t get enough players, we will not only reimburse your entry in store credit as usual but we will add an extra $5 to your account. We want to reward our regulars for showing up to our events and we think this will reflect that, and perhaps incentivise others to show up!

That is all for now, for more news and updates subscribe to newsletter!