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Dragon’s Maze!

Thanks to all who came to enjoy the prerelease on the weekend.

We had 700 entries over the weekend including the biggest 2HG event ever in Australia with 71 teams!

A special thanks to everyone who helped out judging, handing out stock, giving advice, pushing in chairs, picking up rubbish and generally making the event awesome for others.

There’s more fun with Dragon’s Maze starting with release this Friday, league begins and FNM will be full block draft at 6pm and standard including Dragon’s Maze at 7pm.

Saturday we’ve got the Draft Extravaganza, 12 midday sharp start. It’s a full block draft with extra prizes! Both FNMs and the Draft extravaganza with have the release foil promo Breaking and Entering as well as lots of guild badges and promos đŸ˜€