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Big Board Game Announcement!

Because we love board games and we know you do too, we have decided to extended our range of Board Game Events!!!

Starting this month we will start hosting a Board Game League on Wednesdays.

Also, in addition to our Board Game Experiments we will now have a Board Game Challenge and a Learn to Play event where you learn two games! All of these events happen once a month so keep and eye on our Store Calander!

For more info follow the links below:

Board Game League

Board Game Experiment

Board Game Challenge

Choice Learn to Play

Clash of the Card Games! DC Comics Deck-building Game, Dixit or Eminent Domain?

DC Comics Deck-building Game, Dixit or Eminent Domain?

DING! Donation box is full and ready to get you all a new game! What will it be?

Super-charged heroic action with the DC Comics Deck-building Game? Tales of adventure and mystery with Dixit? Or will it be intergalactic intrigue with Eminent Domain?


Vote now by Commenting here or on Twitter or the Facebook post!

Voting closes 7pm Thursday 28/06/2014!