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Aether Revolt Prerelease – Preregister Now!

Aether Revolt Prerelease

January 14th-15th – Preregister now!

Come to Games Laboratory for the largest prerelease in town!

Meet old friends and make new ones!
Celebrate the new set and cards with a store full of like-minded people!

Preregistration closes strictly 8pm Wednesday 11th January. To get the discounted rate on events, booster boxes, or bundles, you must preorder by the above time.

Invite your friends on Facebook to join in on the action!

Previously we’ve been paying for a bunch of extra boosters to give away as prizes. From this prerelease, Wizards are capping the amount of boosters we’re allowed to order for the weekend.

We still want to give away a bunch of prizes though!

At this prerelease, the first two rounds will have Aether Revolt packs as normal. In rounds 3-4 you’ll have have the choice of 2 boosters of Kaladesh on the spot, or an I.O.U. for 2 boosters of Aether Revolt, to be collected at any time from the Friday afterwards, when the set is released.

The total amount of prizes is unchanged, just shifted slightly through time 😀
If you’ve got questions get in touch!


Prereleases are a celebration of a new Magic set. They are a series of events run over one huge weekend! Each event runs for about 5 hours.
They’re a fun, casual way to play with and get a whole bunch of new cards, and to meet new people. Prereleases are the only way to get hold of the cards from the new set before the official sale date!

Each player gets a prerelease pack of six boosters worth of stuff to build a deck out of. Everyone’s on an even playing field, building decks from just the cards in your prerelease pack.

The prerelease packs contains:

  • 4 Aether Revolt Boosters
  • 2 Kaladesh boosters
  • A stamped promo card, which could be any rare or mythic rare from the set! (inlcuding the planeswalkers)
  • Spindown life counter

The event runs for four rounds, each round being the best of three games against someone who has won as many rounds as you. Each round you win gets you two boosters as a prize!!

More details on the event page.

Two Headed-Giant (2HG)

For this prerelease both the Saturday 3:30pm and Sunday 10am events are 2HG!

Team up with your friend and play together as a team!