To Buy Cards, Submit Your Lists Here

Submit Your Lists Here

After we price the list we will email it back to you to confirm the prices. Once you have done that and let us know when you are coming in, we will collect the cards we have in stock for you.

The best way to format these lists is to put card names, one per line. Please don’t include headers like “Creatures (14)”, “Lands” etc. and make sure to only include actual card names, things like “1x each guildgate” will just auto-correct to “orzhov guildgate” which would be sad for everyone.

Any of the following formats work:

3 dusk // dawn
3 dusk

1 censor

2x essence scatter
2 x essence scatter
2 essence scatter

If it’s just 1 of a card, you can leave the quantity blank.

When you send you back the card list this is not an indication of stock level, so when you collect the list there may be some cards missing. If this is the case we will make sure to inform you of any missing cards.