Spring Cleaning – Weekly Magic Events Update

Spring has sprung, and among other thing we’re tidying up the weekly Magic structure, hopefully striking a balance between events that are fun for you to play and also worthwhile for us to run.

Starting Tuesday, 5th September these changes apply to our constructed events;

  • Our weekly constructed events will be $12 entry. That includes
    – Tuesday Modern at 6:30
    – Thursday Legacy at 6:30
    – Thursday Standard at 7:00
    – Friday Modern at 6:30
    – Friday Standard at 7:00
    – plus any weekend events like Standard Showdown
  • All Standard events will be 3 rounds, with a booster per win!
  • Other Constructed events remain 4 rounds, and keep the existing prize structure: $10 credit for 2 wins, $15 credit for 3 wins, and $25 credit for 4 wins.

We’ve updated the details for these events on the website calendar, so you can check them all in one place.

Thanks for all your feedback and input in getting to this point. If you’ve got questions, send us an email at mad_scientist@gameslaboratory.com.au