Prerelease Fine Print & FAQ

Mates reforged – maximum 8.3 boosters per person, trying to game the system will result in you being sucked into a time vortex at our discretion, leading to a place where there’s no Magic or boosters at all, don’t be that person.
Bring someone who hasn’t played before/in ages, get free stuff 😀
Bring jerkiness, get sadness 🙁 (a good life rule actually)


Each ticket, or discount ticket pack, is for use by one person only. Each player in an event needs their own ticket.

Example: Tom buys a Four Event Ticket, and wants to play 2HG with Alice. Alice must have her own ticket, either purchased singly or from her own ticket pack.

Tickets from packs can be applied to any official Prerelease Event over the Prerelease Weekend.

Example: Tom can use his Four Event Ticket to play in the 10am and 3:30pm Saturday, as well as the 2HG and 3:30pm on Sunday.

If a player finds themselves unable to complete all the events they have prepurchased, a credit will be applied to their account for the difference between the cost of events played and the ticket purchased. Any players deemed to be abusing this privileged will not be permitted to prepurchase tickets in the future.

Only players in events will be given stock. No additional product will be available until the street date.

If you aren’t in the venue to check in 15 minutes before the start of the event you’re playing in you may forfeit your place.