Magic Prerelease Fine Print & FAQ

Our Prerelease events at Games Lab are designed to be fun and relaxed affairs – please leave any hyper-competitve behaviours at the door!

We encourage players to Preregister their interest in playing via the webstore – tickets will normally be on sale around 6 weeks out from the event.

Each player registered in the event will receive all materials they need to play – boosters to build a deck, basic land and paper/pens will be provided. In addition all six of our Prerelease events award Two Boosters of the set in question for each player as a participation prize.

We also have our Prize Wall! Anyone winning their round gets to pick off the wall, with random prizes ranging from Junk Rares, through to Boosters, Snacks or even our top prizes of Expensive Top Tier Stuff. We have recently given away Tarmogoyfs, Archenemy Sets and a FOIL Jace, the Mindsculpter.

If a player finds themselves unable to attend an event they have prepurchased, a credit will be applied to their account for the difference between the cost of events played and the ticket purchased. Any players deemed to be abusing this privileged will not be permitted to prepurchase tickets in the future.

Only players in events will be given stock. No additional product will be available until the street date.

If you aren’t in the venue to check in 15 minutes before the start of the event you’re playing in you may forfeit your place. Late entries will be allowed, at the Tournament Organiser’s discretion.