Introduction to Magic: the Gathering


In Magic: The Gathering, you are a Planeswalker, one of the greatest mages in the Multiverse. Using a deck of Magic cards, you cast spells, summon creatures to fight for you, and battle against other Planeswalkers in an attempt to take your opponent down.

Complete beginner?
Just played Magic Duels:Origins or Duels of the Planeswalkers?
Love card games and looking to try out a new one?

If any of these sound like you come in and get a free deck and talk to us! Bring your friends and learn together.

We’ve got learn to play events roughly every two months, come and learn from an experienced Magic judge! If there’s not an event listed there get in touch and we’ll sort something out.

If you’re interested, Magic Duels (out now on PC, Xbox One, and iOS) is a another great way to learn. It’s free to play and has a great tutorial to learn the basics.

Once you’ve got a grip with the basics there’s a few great ways to get a bunch more cards

Planeswalker Decks

A 60 card deck of recent cards you can play out of the box. Each deck is themed around a planeswalker.
It comes with 2 15-card booster packs so you can mix things up a bit. If you just want to jump into games with recent cards these are great, and they’re a little less complex to start with than the other options.

Deckbuilder’s Toolkits

An instant mini-collection. 4 15-card booster packs from recent sets, 125 semi-random cards distributed across the colours, and 100 basic lands. If you’re comfortable building your own decks this is a great way to get a bunch of cards to play around with. Build, rebuild, and play! You can make at least two decks out of this at one time.

Duel Decks

Two 60 cards decks with cards from across Magic’s history, balanced to play against each other. Split it with a friend, or have a spare deck to play with others! The often follow a theme, such as Speed vs Cunning or Goblins vs Merfolk

DCI Numbers

A DCI number is just a way of keeping track of you in the event scorekeeping system.
If you’ve played here before you’re in our local DCI number database so we’ll just need your name when you sign up for events, if you haven’t played here before or you’re playing anywhere else you’ll need the number.
Put it in your phone as a contact and you’ll never lose it!

If you don’t have a DCI number don’t worry, you can sign up for one at, make sure you input your name at some point.

Go to and see your complete match history!

Introduction to Magic Formats

Magic events are a way of getting players together for organised play, typically involving an entry fee, playing a bunch of Magic and then some prizes!


In limited events players each have some boosters which they open to build
a deck with, every event will have a different pool of cards so it’s a new
experience every time. Limited to only the cards from your boosters, everyone’s on an even playing field.
There are two main flavours of limited event:

  • Sealed (e.g. Prereleases)
    Each player starts with 6 boosters which they open to form their card pool.
  • Booster Draft
    8 players sit around a table with 3 boosters each, each player opens a booster
    and removes the token and basic land. Each player picks a card and puts it
    face down on top of their other boosters, this card is “drafted”, the remaining cards are shuffled and passed to the left. Players can review the cards they’ve already drafted at any time.
    From the cards you are passed pick a card and draft it, pass to the left, repeat until the entire booster is drafted.
    The second booster is passed to the right and the third to the left again, at the end the 42 cards you’ve drafted become your card pool.

Everything that you drafted, or opened for sealed, is now your card pool and is
yours to keep. From these cards you’ll build a 40 card deck using
some of those cards and basic lands borrowed from the store. Around 23
cards from your pool plus 17 lands is a good mix.
You can rebuild your deck for each game you play as you like so long as
you’re only using the cards from your pool and basic lands, don’t be afraid to
try new combinations!


In constructed events players bring their own decks to play, there are
different constructed formats each with different sets of restrictions

  • Standard (Thursdays and Fridays at 7pm)
    The most popular constructed format, standard uses only cards that have
    been printed in the last three blocks, so the last 18 months or so. Sets
    are added to standard as they come out, and each time a new large set comes out the
    oldest large set in Standard, and the small set that goes with it, rotate out.
    There’s always something new and fresh to play.
  • Modern (Tuesdays and Fridays at 6:30pm)
    Sets from 8th Edition onwards are legal, Modern just gets bigger and bigger!
    Modern has a higher power level than standard with lots of cool interactions
    and combos.
  • Legacy (Check the calendar)
    Except for a small banned list of extremely powerful cards you can play
    cards from any set
  • Vintage (Check the calendar)
    Like legacy but the powerful cards are limited to one per deck instead of
    banned so you get to play with cards like Black Lotus and Ancestral Recall!
    If a version of a card is legal in a format then all printings of that card are
    legal, for example Arrest is in Return to Ravnica and legal in standard, you
    can play any of the older printings of Arrest in standard too.

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