Competitive Event Info

Competitive Rules Enforcement Level events typically have large prizes and expect a higher level of play and attention. If you’re not sure about something that is going on in the game, think you have made an error or have a question, CALL A JUDGE. They’re there to help you have a fun and fair event but can’t do that unless you get them involved when needed.

You’ll need a decklist ready for the start of the tournament, it just needs to be an A4 sheet with your name and the cards you’re playing, you can print one out or come early to write one out.
If you’re writing it we suggest this Decklist Form

All of our events with a cut to top 4/8 will use the swiss play/draw rule unless otherwise specified. The player in a playoff match with the higher swiss standing will choose whether to play or draw.

Unless otherwise announced rounds will begin as soon as all matches from the previous one are completed.

Also check out these tips and recent policy updates for competitive events, they’re quick reads that will make your day and matches much smoother

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Our competitive cash prize events pay out the advertised amount of cash divided between all the players X-2 and better. Prizes are based on match wins to incentivize winning in the swiss!