Find More Players

Looking for more people to play with? Here’s some ways to find them!

Board Games

We’ve got a substantial Games Library you can come in and use any time for a gold coin donation, there’s also a few friendly gaming groups that come in regularly:

Melbourne Saturday Gamers

Dice, Boards & Cards

If you’d like to introduce your friends to boardgaming here’s some great starting points.
They’re all available in our board games library and for sale on the shelves.
Bring your friends and try them out over a drink in the Alchemist’s Refuge bar!

Cool articles
Want to convert your friends to your boardgaming ways?

Dungeons and Dragons

Check out our D&D info page!
Then, jump into the Games Laboratory Role Playing Games Facebook group and read the pinned post!


The Games Laboratory Facebook page

Wednesday Night Casual Magic – Every week, casual play. We’ve got a growing crowd of players who are new to, or fairly casual about Magic. Wednesday night is a night to get together, play some low stress games, and enjoy the fun of Magic. If you’ve got rules questions, come and ask us!
Fortnightly on Wednesdays there’s Melbourne Planeswalkers for Diversity, a casual, inclusive playgroup who do cool stuff!

Magic Duels (essentially Magic: the Video Game Version) – Available on multiple platforms, a great way to learn to play, free!
Planeswalkers Plus – Local TV show New Game Plus is doing a segment on Magic, check it out!

MTG AU/NZ Rules and Policies – Got a question about rules or tournament policies? Post it in here for an answer from a certified judge

Magic Format Groups

These groups are great for organising casual games, deck discussion and general format questions. Relevant events are posted in these too.

Legacy Melbourne CBD
Modern Melbourne
MTG Australian Vintage Group
Highlander National Points List

Other Games

Role playing games – Games Laboratory Role Playing Games. It’s primarily used to organise D&D here but other games are welcome!

Warmachine at Games Laboratory

Fantasy Flight Games

Netrunner – Netrunners of Neo-Melbourne
Android Netrunner Australia

X-Wing at Games Laboratory
X-Wing Melbourne
X-Wing Australia
X-Wing Useful links and tips