Urban Brawl: Hotel Euphoria

October 21, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Urban Brawl: Hotel Euphoria

Urban Brawl is an officially non-lethal sport were teams compete in an urban environment. The goal is to bring a ball into enemy’s base, incidentally causing as much mayhem as possible (the rules clearly state that the object of the game is to score goals, not kill opponents). Cyberware, non-heavy weaponry, and some armor are permitted. Magic is not. Fatalities are a common occurrence.”
– official definition of Urban Brawl from the North American League’s promotional material.

Join us for a unique role-playing experience downstairs@lab this 21st of October

Play as a one of the mysterious contenders in a real life scale model of Hotel Euphoria. 13 lucky players will get play with 3 DMs simultaneously in an all out battle royal.

Mustang – Female Human Drone Expert
Foxtrot – Male Dwarf, Master of Infiltration
Fenway – Female Human Decker, Lucky
Orion – Male Elf Decker & Combat Tactician
Anja – Male Human Magician & Lawyer
Cairo Tilt – Female Elf Magician Femme Fatale
Virgil & Augustus Blackjack – A magical team of brothers
Buzzsaw – Female Human Nun…with a chainsaw
Mist – Female Human Korean Spy
Pox – Male Ork Desert Wars Veteren
Blindfire Dutchess – Female Human Sniper
Jinx – Female Human Razorgirl
The Baron – Male Troll Fixer (Retired)

For more details on the world check this site!

$30 Entry, starting at 1pm sharp.

Your entry also covers a drink!

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