Test Tube Learn to Play: Photosynthesis

March 17, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Games Labooratory
(03) 9602 2075

Test Tube: Learn to Play – Photosynthesis!

Saturday March 17th, 12:00 PM Start

Test Tube: Learn to Play

This month we will be playing Photosynthesis!

Photosynthesis is an abstract strategy game designed by Hjalmar Hach and published by Blue Orange Games. Players will enact the growth of the forest, using the sun’s energy to grow and populate. Players will shadow other’s trees and work to their ultimate goal, a long and happy life in the deepest depths of the forest.

We can’t play Photosynthesis with more than 4 players at one time, we will schedule plays in 1 hour blocks of time throughout the day. You can either come in 15 minutes before your block is set to start, or earlier, and if there are enough people, I will teach you some smaller games while you wait.

We guarantee that you will get to play Photosynthesis once during the event.

At the end of the event, once all players have had a chance to play, we will giveaway a board game to one lucky attendee. If you are not present at the end of the event, we will contact you so that you can come pick it up in your own time.

In addition, all players will have a 10% discount on any games we teach during the event!

$10 Entry

We can only support 16 people for this event, to ensure your spot, you can call before the event at 03 9602 2075 and pay over the phone, or pay in store.

Best times to do so are Monday-Friday from 10:30am-6:00pm.

This will ensure a spot in the event, and give you the best possible chance to be placed in a block that works for you.

Time Schedule

Learn to Play Registration Starts 12:00 pm

Block 1: 12:30pm-1:30pm

Block 2: 1:30pm-2:30pm

Block 3: 2:30pm-3:30pm

Block 4: 3:30pm-4:30pm

Learn to Play Event Ends – 4:30pm

Please ensure you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your assigned block.

We hope to see you all there Saturday March 17th!