Ravnica Allegiance Sealed League

January 25, 2019 – February 22, 2019 all-day
Games laboratory
328 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ravnica Allegiance Sealed League @ Games laboratory | Melbourne | Victoria | Australia

Ravnica Allegiance Sealed League!
It’s a fun, casual way to play a bunch of Magic, running for 4 weeks (plus an extra Friday in the last week to wrap up).

Entry is $40 and you get a deckbox. Build a 40 card minimum sealed deck from 6 x Ravnica Allegiance Boosters.

Each week after the first you can buy a Ravnica Allegiance booster to add to your pool, you can rebuild your deck as much as you like, It’s never too late to join.

You can leave your deck here so it’s always ready to play! You can play your matches any time, however Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons will be “League Days“. If you are looking for matches, this is a chance to come along and find people! Also, if you show up in either of those days we will give you a cool FNM promo from previous seasons!

You’re welcome to use the Facebook event to try and arrange matches too!

The first 5 matches you play each week are scored towards your league count, with prizes at the end based on participation.
You can’t play the same person more than twice in a week to add to your score.

For this league you will also be randomly placed in one of the five guilds of Azorius, Rakdos, Gruul, Simic, and Orzhov . This means that for every match you win you will be able to placed a coloured pin on our Guilds Board! If you place your pin on your guilds banner it will count as +1 point for your guild, however if you place it on another guild it will counts a -1 point for them.

You play members of any guild, even you own

Everyone who completes all their matches and has added all their boosters gets 2 packs as a prize!

Plus members of the Guild with the most points will get and extra pack each and some cool promos!!!

Ask for more details in store.