Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier – Hour of Devastation Sealed

Check out the Wizards article on The New Path to the Pro Tour!
The Fact Sheet for this season isn’t out yet, but it should be identical to the previous PPTQ fact sheets.

$50 Entry.
It’s Hour of Devastation Sealed! Play the new format for release weekend.
Each player receives 4 boosters of Hour of Devastation, and 2 boosters of Amonkhet to build a deck from.

Registration 9:30-9:55 for a 10:00 sharp start, late players will receive penalties.
Please note the start time, starting a little earlier for Sealed so we can wrap up at a reasonable hour.

Battle for an RPTQ invite, and booster prizes based on swiss finish!
Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8 draft.

Anyone can play!  (unless you’re already qualified for the Pro Tour or have already won a PPTQ for this season, in which case; congrats!!)

4X Planeswalker point multiplier

Check out our Competitive Event info page for more helpful tips.