Netrunner Cash Prizes Event!

August 8, 2015 @ 11:00 am

$15 entry, swiss rounds, cutting to top 8 double elimination.

Registration open 10:30-11:10 for an 11:15 start.

This is a semi-competitive event, as both a fun day and practice for the national championships in Sydney. We wanted to put up some more significant prizes for people to run for but it’s not super high stakes, have fun!

Guaranteed over $200 cash prizes to the top 8!
1st: $50
2nd: $40
3rd-4th: $30
5th-8th: $20

Additional promo cards as door prizes!
Netrunner playmats as additional door prizes based on attendance!

As an exception to the tournament rules for this event only, players are allowed to “intentionally draw” a match, not playing any games and receiving two prestige points each.

Netrunner Custom Playmat