Games Laboratory Core Set 2019 Store Championship

Become a Champion!

Standard is a format of approximately the last two years worth of cards from “normal” sets (i.e. not Commander, etc)
Registration 10:00am – 10:55am for an 11am start – $12 Entry.

Your deck will also be added to our archives, forever living your mark in our store’s history!

The number of rounds will be determined by the amount of players following Swiss tournament structure, with a cut to Top 8. Each round you’ll be paired up with someone who has won the same number of matches as you to play a best of three match in 45 minutes.

What is standard?

Win boosters as well as an exclusive card from the upcoming set, Guilds of Ravnica. Participants will receive a full art Emmara, Soul of the Accord!

Plus the Top 8 players will receive a special store champs box.

Finally our Champion will receive a playmat.

*Details on the promos will come soon!*