Dungeons and Dragons – Vault of the Dracolich – Mass D&D Adventure!

August 26, 2017 @ 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
Dungeons and Dragons - Vault of the Dracolich - Mass D&D Adventure!

Dungeons and Dragons: Vault of the Dracolich

Preregister now!

Saturday August 26th – check-in from 10:30 – 10:45 for an 11:00 start
This event will go until late afternoon, with a lunch break in the middle.

Come dressed as your character to enter the draw for a set of metal dice!

The Mad Alchemist is assembling a massive team of over fifty(!) adventurers for a multi-pronged assault on the lair of the dracolich Dretchroyaster, to retrieve the Diamond Staff of Chomylla.

Split into groups starting at each of the lair’s entry points to overwhelm and distract the forces guarding Dretchroyaster’s lair. You’ll have some communication with other groups to coordinate your assault.
There will be a dungeon master running each group, and they’ll be in contact with each other, with each group’s actions affecting the others.

This event is beginner friendly, no D&D experience required!

$35 entry, which covers compensating the dungeon masters for their preparation and effort, our time and resources organising the event, and a bunch of sweet loot! We’ll provide pencils, characters, dice, and everything you need to play. You also get a bottle of water to stay hydrated through all the talking!

Spaces in this event are limited, and given the booming size of our D&D community we suggest preregistering as soon as you can.

Choose a race and class as you preregister and we’ll have a 4th level character sheet ready for you on the day. You’ll pick any spells, then define your appearance and other roleplaying flavour.

We’ll also have a stack of assorted 4th level pregenerated characters available, in case yours meets an… untimely end.