Dungeons and Dragons: Arena

Enter the Arena – PvP Combat

Having defeated the dracolich, The Alchemist is looking to find the greatest trio of heroes, both as recruitment for future endeavours, and a little bit of entertainment. Battle in gladiatorial combat in the arena for glory and riches.

Teams of 3 gladiators will compete in 3v3 battles in arenas created and controlled by incredible dungeon masters. They’ve got creative license to create a fun and unique arena to challenge a range of team compositions.

Saturday November 4th.
Check-in 10:30-10:55, for an 11:00 start.
This event is capped at 20 teams (60 players), preregister now!

If you’d like to play, but don’t have teammates lined up, preregister and let us know by email you’re looking for teammates. We’ll help with introductions and pairing people up.

We’ll take a team list at character submission, you can sign up now, and tell us who’s on your team and your team name later.

This event will be 4 rounds of battle, each round against another team who has won as many battles as you. Each round is timed at a maximum of 45 minutes.

After 4 rounds the top 4 teams will enter a 3v3v3v3 death arena and the winners will be crowned the Alchemist’s chosen.

Entry is $35 per person, which includes

  • All the resources you need to play on the day; a set of dice, pencil, printed character sheet, bottle of water
  • Compensating the awesome DMs
  • Covering our resources, time and efforts in preparation
  • Other prizes to be drawn on the day

Character Creation – Build Your Own!

We’re aiming to have all the character submissions be digital, so we can easily verify and certify them as following the character creation rules.
Submissions will close a few days before the event, anyone who hasn’t submitted by that point will be given a pregenerated character. Details on online submissions coming closer to the date.
You’re welcome to start drafting and planning characters early!

  • Create a 4th level character using the standard by-the-book character creation rules.
  • You can use creation options from the Player’s Handbook, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, and the Elemental Evil player’s companion
  • Stats must use the “point buy” or “standard array” system
  • You’ve got access to the starting items from your class and background. If your DM would like to offer extra items relevant to their arena you’ll have a chance to load up at the start, Matrix style.
  • Feats are allowed!

If you’ve got questions, ask away!

You can build whatever character you like, but we suggest trying to have some balance in your team, you’re going up against unknown obstables and environmental hazards in the arenas, and being too weak in any area or stat could leave you vunerable to opponents.

Preregister now!