Core Set 2019 Sealed League

July 13, 2018 – August 10, 2018 all-day

Core Set 2019 Sealed League Now with Guilds!

Players will form Guilds and win matches in order to conquer different territories!

We will now have a dedicated League Day, every Wednesday, starting with this season you should expect most league players to rock up. Don’t worry you can still play any day of the week just like before. However, on Wednesday we will take your results in and change which territories each Guild Controls!

By the end of the 4 weeks the guild that has the most territories will be announced as the Champion Guild!

Booster Prizes and cool Magic Promos will be awarded based on player attendance and territories controlled.

Sign up your guild Here!

Guild Rules

  • A Guild consists of 3 players and can be created by anyone who registers as a Guild Leader (GL)
  • The Guild Information Sheet form MUST be completed in full to be displayed in the area designated by Games Lab. See Example
  • You will be allocated a pin colour, which will be used to track your Guild’s progress on the Planar Map
  • You cannot be a Guild Member for more than one Guild at a time
  • It is your responsibility as a guild member to ensure that your weekly matches are attended
  • Sign up your guild Here!

League Rules

  • At the beginning of the League, Games Lab will post Guild match-ups for each week of the tournament. It will show which Guild you are opposing for that week, however the GLs are responsible for organising individual match-ups.
  • The League will run for 4 weeks starting with Friday of Release
  • Each Guild Member must play 3 Matches with different Guild Members of the opposing Guild every week, you may play the same person twice
  • After each Match, turn in your result slip to Games Lab signed by both players. Then the winner gets to do one of the following:
    • Place a pin of your Guild’s colour in any empty Realm on the Planar Map
    • Place a pin of your Guild’s colour within a Realm your Guild currently controls
    • Remove a pin from a Realm controlled by your Match opponent’s Realm and return it to the Games Lab
  • Your Guild controls a Realm if you have a pin in that Realm
  • The match results are stored until the end of the season
  • At the end of the League Tournament, the Guild that controls the most REALMS (not pins), is the winner!
  • In the event that there are multiple Guilds controlling the same number of Realms, of these Guilds the one with the greatest number of pins is the winner. If there is still a draw, the GLs must play a single Match to determine the winner

Deck Construction Rules

  • Deck creation is based on an honour system (don’t be that person). This is a fun and light-hearted event
  • Each Guild Member will start with 6 booster packs from the newest set, which they can use to deck build. These cards CANNOT be swapped between Guild Members or anyone
  • All decks will remain in Games Lab for convenience and to avoid players forgetting or misplacing their cards
  • At the start of week 2 all players may purchase one additional booster pack to add to their personal League deck and can do so for weeks 3 and 4, to total of 9 packs by the end of the event.

Planar Map

Ask for more details in store.