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Dungeons and Dragons is a game of collaborative storytelling, problem solving, and imagination.
The Dungeon Master (DM) narrates the shared world and your actions within it, as well as roleplaying various characters and creatures you encounter in your travels.

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Dungeons and Dragons – New Player Introduction

Interested? Read on!

We run regular “Dungeons and Dragons – Learn to Adventure” tables. The tables are an introduction to 5th Edition and are ideal for anyone who has little or no experience of Dungeons & Dragons (or Role Playing Games in general), or for folks who have not played in quite a while and want a refresher before they jump in.

From there, you will have the skills to run your own game as DM with friends!

If you’re interested in joining an Intro to D&D table – keep an eye out in the Games Laboratory Role Playing Games Facebook group, and sign up for our Dungeons and Dragons Newsletter.
A call for new players will go out every few weeks, that’s the time to sign up!

We are also running a regular series of “Learn to DM” workshops in store. These sessions generally are on a Wednesday night and run for a couple of hours. We encourage anyone to come along to these sessions, whether new or seasoned players considering going down the DM path, experienced DMs or just folks who want to better understand the dynamics of the game from behind the screen.

If you’re already familiar with Dungeons and Dragons there’s a number of established tables running in store through the week. Jump into the Games Laboratory Role Playing Games Facebook group to ask if anyone has space, or feel free to start a table of your own.
The more details you include the more success you’ll have! Tell people a little bit about your experience level and what you’re looking for. “I would like to DnD plz” isn’t going to get you very far.

While many tables run on Wednesdays, it is not compulsory (in fact it gets pretty raucous!). If you’re interested on running a table on a different night go for it. Please feel free to get in touch with staff if you want to know when the best times are.

Games Laboratory also has a bunch of resources in our Dungeons and Dragons Library (Character sheets, Pre-Generated Characters, Player’s Handbooks, Dungeon Master’s guide and a plethora of adventures). Much like our Board Games Library, these are covered by our Stay & Play policy.


If you’d like to look at anything to get a feel for how things work here’s some useful links.