Dungeons and Dragons – RRAKKMA Adventure with Steve G!

After the success of our last RRAKKMA Adventure we’re launching another table next Saturday June 30th!

Limited seats available so grab your ticket now!

The adventure features a pre-made team of level 9 Gith races as they join together in an attempt to prevent the Mind Flayers from regaining their ability to mentally enslave their races and take over the multiverse. There are also a few benefits for those who want a nice extra reward for their Adventurer’s League character.  Join 5 other adventures in a 9 hour monster session full of dangers, monsters and fun times!

Here is what some of the players had to say:

Steve created a great atmosphere, and managed to combine immersive role playing with some great game-play guidance.

“Would recommend that prospective players be prepared for a tough adventure with lots of exciting combat…”

Don’t miss out!