Core Set 2019 League – Now with Guilds!

Hello Everyone,

We are remodeling our League system! You will still build a sealed deck and play matches weekly, but we will incorporate a Guild system.

Players will form Guilds and win matches in order to conquer different territories!

We will now have a dedicated League Day, every Wednesday, starting with this season you should expect most league players to rock up. Don’t worry you can still play any day of the week just like before. However, on Wednesday we will take your results in and change which territories each Guild Controls!

By the end of the 4 weeks the guild that has the most territories will be announced as the Champion Guild!

Booster Prizes and cool Magic Promos will be awarded based on player attendance and territories controlled.

We want to get this going as soon as possible so grab some mates fill in the Guild Information Sheet and get started!

For more details click here!

Sign up here: