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GPT: Auckland and X-Wing Store Championship This Weekend!!


Get a leg up at the Magic Auckland Grand Prix by competing in these Grand Prix Trials (GPT). These tournaments award a two-round bye to the Auckland Grand Prix, giving you a head start on the competition with two free wins to start the tournament.

The format for this event is a Khans of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Sealed with a cut to top 8 Draft. GP Auckland is the same format so this is a great chance to get some practice in and maybe score a couple of byes!

This event is capped at 64 players to keep the day fun and fast, preregister in store or online to guarantee your spot!


Scum and Villainy is here! With the release of the following three ships on Thursday 26th they’re legal for the X-Wing store championship this weekend.


– StarViper
– M3-A Interceptor
– IG-2000

“Most Wanted” isn’t available yet and the converted Y-Wing, Headhunter, HWK-290, and Firespray won’t be legal for this event. If you’d like to play Scum and Villainy you may only use ships, pilots, and upgrades from the three expansions above.