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Posts detailing the winners of tournaments held by Games Laboratory.

Modern $500 GPT Auckland – Cyril Terroy Wins!

Cyril Terroy Wins GPT Auckland!

Facing off against Patrick Robertson in the final round Cyril came out on top to take away 2 byes! What a relaxing morning he will have that day!

Top 8 of our Modern GPT Auckland!

Cyril Terroy – Affinity
Rupa Samanta – RUG Delver
James Fazzolari – UR Delver
Jonathan Page – Emrakul Valakut
Nick Macleod – RUG Control
Patrick Robertson – Jeskai Ascendancy
Jin Kiat Poon – Merfolk
Zheng Yi – Tron

Full deck lists after the break!

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James Fazzolari Wins the WMCQ!

James Fazzolari from Channel Fireball – Winner – RW Burn
Maitland Cameron – Finalist – Esper Control
Jeremiah Brown – Top 4 – RW Burn
Brendan Wylie – Top 4 – GW Aggro
Samuel Loy – Top 8 – Mono Red Burn
Francisco Aceiton – Top 8 – Mono Blue Devotion
Matt Jongsma – Top 8 – RW Aggro
Thomas Bot – Top 8 – BW Control

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