Book a table for your group to play!

For more details check out our post about the changes!

10-seat Large tables – $25 – We have 2 extra-large rectangular ones that seat 10 people. Suitable for large Roleplaying groups, colossal boardgames, extended wargaming tabletops, and more! (unless you’ve got a large group we recommend the smaller tables, as it can be hard to play small games on such a big table, there’s lots of reaching across)

8-seat tables – $20 – A big square or semicircular table that seats 8 people. Suitable for Roleplaying Games, Medium/Large board games, miniatures gaming, and more!

4-seat tables – $10 – a rectangular table that seats 4 people, or two wargamers/xwing players. Suitable for board games!


If you need seating for more than the listed number of people, you can book extra tables on the same booking. You can also book more space than you need, if you just want to spread out.

All bookings include access to:

Bookings are a flat rate for the evening, calculated on the tables you’re using, not the number of people playing. Please use the start time of your booking to tell us when you intend to arrive, to the nearest half hour.


If you haven’t arrived 30 minutes after the start of your booking, and haven’t contacted us (preferably an email to, we’re going to assume that you’re a no show and that life or natural disaster got in the way. Your table may pass to another group.
E.g. You plan to start playing at 7:15pm; book a table starting from 7:00pm, and so long as you’re here by 7:30 you’re all fine.
E.g. You plan to start playing at 7:15pm and book a table starting from 7:00pm. Metro cancels two trains and you realise you’re going to be late. If you contact us, preferably by email, we’ll hold the table for you!

You can book tables up to a month in advance.
If you make a booking but the non-gaming bits of life get in the way, notify us by email at by the time we open on the day of your booking, and we’ll transfer your booking fee to store credit, and you can use it on snacks/drinks/dice/games etc next time you’re in.


As part of booking you’ll be signed up to our bookings email newsletter, where we’ll communicate any updates about the booking system.

A reminder that as our only licensed area, Downstairs@Lab is at a premium and the play space there is for groups enjoying beverages.

The letters on the tables are just for our tracking, plus you can pretend they have a cool name!

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