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Get the Gift of Eldrazi!

We have our allocation for the new Battle for Zendikar Gift Box – and while it’s not as restrictive as the Fat Pack debacle, there will only be one chance to get these.

We’re taking preorders now at $35 – the boxes will be $39 on release. This is more that last year, but there is an extra booster in the box! Yay!

Preorders are in-store only, as we want to reward our regular customers. And before you ask, there will NOT be full-art lands in these boxes. Sadface.

2014 is in the bag

Hiya everyone! Thanks for a brilliant 2014 – we’re calling it a bit early, as we’ve had a pretty rocky couple of days here at Lab HQ.

We’re reopen as normal on Friday, so we hope to see you at FNM – the first under the new rules!!


James and the Crew

Magic Prerelease Pregistration

Just a heads up – online preregistration has shut! We’re still taking phone orders on 96022075 though, so give us a call!!

We’re open now, and won’t be shutting until Saturday night – many, many rounds of Magic: The Gathering between now and then!

Get your technical Born of the Gods information here, and general Prerelease information here

Quick Update

Commander is selling like hot cakes, but I’ve been assured that the supplies will hold out until at least Xmas. Speaking of the Festive Season, Magic Gift Boxes will be on shelf this Friday!

We’ll also be rolling out new website functionality, updating the streaming equipment in-store and hopefully we’ll also have some news about our new tenant downstairs!! Exciting times 😀

Theros is behind us – and in front!!

With the Prerelease in the books, we’re all looking forward to Friday – the official release date! We’ll have Fat Packs, Intro Packs and Boosters for sale on Friday 😀

We’ve also got events, oh so many events – FNM Draft, FNM Standard (don’t forget about the Rotation! Bye bye werewolves and transform, hello Gods and Enchantures!) both of which will have promo cards for the second Hero’s Path – if you can solve the puzzle!

And we’re running a promotion with our sister store – LIKE The Game Shop to go into the draw to win a $50 gift certificate redeemable at either store. Yeah! Value!

Theros Prerelease – Sept 21st/22nd

Exciting times for the new store! We’ve got our fingers crossed that the new tables and chairs arrive in the next two days so we can max out our Event Space and really show what a fully operational Games Laboratory is capable of!

6 events this weekend! Midnight Friday, 5am / 10am / 3.30pm Saturday as well as 2HG at 10am Sunday and finally the true test of Heroic stamina, 3.30pm Sunday.

Each event is 40$ to enter, and you’ll walk away with a minimum of 6 Theros boosters, a promo card and tales of the victories and defeats at the hands of four different opponents!

Take your first step along the Heroes Path at Games Lab this weekend 😀

PAX Follow-up

Thanks to everyone who joined us at PAX.AU – we had a blast! The guys almost got blown away by the response to the Magic demo, all the attendees looked like they were having fun and our craft contest entries were amazing!
We’ll be posting some photos later, both here and on FB so check it out – and if you haven’t been into our store, please come and see us at La Trobe St, Melbourne!

We’ve got a very small small number of Magic promo cards just arrived – the ever-popular Legacy combo piece, Show and Tell, as well as the Commander staple, Overwhelming Forces. Both of these cards have received the premium Foil treatment for the first time ever! Ask in store for prices.