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Spring Cleaning – Weekly Magic Events Update

Spring has sprung, and among other thing we’re tidying up the weekly Magic structure, hopefully striking a balance between events that are fun for you to play and also worthwhile for us to run.

Starting Tuesday, 5th September these changes apply to our constructed events;

  • Our weekly constructed events will be $12 entry. That includes
    – Tuesday Modern at 6:30
    – Thursday Legacy at 6:30
    – Thursday Standard at 7:00
    – Friday Modern at 6:30
    – Friday Standard at 7:00
    – plus any weekend events like Standard Showdown
  • All Standard events will be 3 rounds, with a booster per win!
  • Other Constructed events remain 4 rounds, and keep the existing prize structure: $10 credit for 2 wins, $15 credit for 3 wins, and $25 credit for 4 wins.

We’ve updated the details for these events on the website calendar, so you can check them all in one place.

Thanks for all your feedback and input in getting to this point. If you’ve got questions, send us an email at

Event Space Booking – NEW!

We’re introducing table bookings to the upstairs event space on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

Wednesday and Thursday nights are getting increasingly busy, so to both help guarantee a table for you, and to help us cover the costs of maintenance and cleaning, we’re starting an online table booking system for the event space.

Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5pm-10pm the event space will only be available to groups who have made a booking.

There are no changes to the retail space, everyone is still welcome to come and play, as space permits, with some tables being used for events down here.

Moving to this system also means that if there’s sufficient demand we may be able to extend the event space opening times to Monday and Tuesday,  as the booking fees can cover the costs of extra staffing and maintenance. More space = more opportunities for games!

The booking cost will cover:

  • Guaranteeing you space for the night
  • Access to the Board Games Library and Dungeons and Dragons Library
  • Access to wargaming tabletops and the terrain library
  • Our costs for cleaning and maintenance, as well as keeping the lights on and rent paid

Bookings are a flat rate for the evening, calculated on the size of the tables you’re using.
8-seat tables are $20 for the night, 4-seat tables are $10.
Each table only has a certain number of seats, if you end up with extra people coming you will need to book an extra table to accommodate.

A reminder that Downstairs@Lab is our only licensed area. Space there is at a premium, and is for groups enjoying beverages.

If you’ve got questions get in touch!
You can ask in store, email, or give us anonymous feedback at (and optionally allow us to respond so we can follow up)

Check out our Bookings page for more details! 

Conspiracy: Take the Crown Live Preview Exhibition Draft!

Conspiracy: Take the Crown
Live Preview Exhibition Draft!

Midday Saturday August 20th

We’re one of seven locations worldwide hosting a special Conspiracy preview draft!

These exhibition drafts will preview many never-before-seen cards from Conspiracy: Take the Crown, in addition to some preview cards from the Wizards site.

We’ve sent “Invitations to Conspire” to eight players selected for a range of community contributions.

We considered things like welcoming new players, creating fun play environments, promoting in-store play, Magic projects/groups focused on diversity and mental health, and judging.

And they’re all fun people to play Magic with and against!

Joining us to play in the Conspiracy preview draft are:

  • Ghoulcaller Gisa (Amelia Wales)
  • Chris Chant
  • David Lewis
  • Elminio Soto
  • Emily Thornley
  • Leo Byron
  • Steven Janjic
  • Vinh Huynh

Given our timezone in Australia, they’ll be the world first draft!

Only the eight invited players will draft, but spectators are welcome! Everyone present will see cards before anyone else in the world!

The Draft starts at midday, Saturday August 20th.
Come and hang out, watch new cards being revealed live, and enjoy wacky multiplayer games.

Preorder Conspiracy at the discounted price of only $150 both in store and online until the end of this special draft.
Conspiracy is released Friday August 26th!

More Info | Invite your friends on Facebook!

Our Favourite Comics 2016!

Free Comic Book Day – May 7th

With Free Comic Book Day coming up this Saturday we thought we’d once again share a few of our favourite comics with you! If you’re keen for more tips here’s our offering from last year.

In conjunction with the amazing All Star Comics we’re offering a special Friday Night Magic event on the eve of Free Comic Book Day – Saturday May 7th.

Play in any of our three Friday Night Magic events for the chance to win a bunch of awesome comics as door prizes donated by All Star Comics!

Grab a flyer from us with a handy map to All Star Comics, and take it in with you for discounts!

All Star Comics won the Spirit of Comics Retailer Award in 2014, essentially the “Best Comic Store in the World” award, and for good reason. They’re knowledgeably, friendly, and have two floors worth of new and old comics. We all shop there.

Brendan – Superman: Red Son
Dion – Hellboy: Strange Places
Cristobal – Bone
Danni – The Phantom: the Mermaids of Melo Straits
Fabian – Relish: My Life in the Kitchen

Full blurbs and why we love them through the click through!

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Easter Opening Hours

Easter Opening Hours

We’re open from 1pm on Good Friday, and will otherwise have our normal opening hours over the weekend and Monday, including Friday Night Magic running as usual!

The board games library is available all weekend for casual gaming, it’s free all four days of the long weekend.

Happy gaming!