Store Credit Policy

Many events at Games Laboratory award Store Credit as prizes. This Credit may be used for anything in the store; entry fees, single cards, snacks, etc.
(except entry to D&D Adventurer’s League)

Any credit not used on the day of the event will be stored on our systems, for use at a later stage.

Some events offer Booster Prizes instead of Store Credit. We offer a service to customers where we will store Virtual Boosters in our credit system, to be redeemed later either as physical boosters or to offset entry to Draft-on-Demand or FNM Draft events. Boosters redeemed in this way will reduce the cost of entry by $5, with a maximum of 3 boosters redeemed per player per event.

Boosters redeemed to offset entry fee must be of the set or sets drafted – for example, in a EMN/EMN/SOI draft, a player may only hand in EMN and SOI boosters.

Our systems record the actual Set of each booster stored on our system. For example, players in events awarding Shadows Over Innistrad boosters will have their prizes recorded as SOI boosters.
If we are out of the boosters you have stored we will redeem it as another recent set available at our discretion.
We’re providing a service in holding onto boosters instead of you carrying them around, this doesn’t allow you to convert one type of booster to another.

While every effort is made to ensure our records are correct, please ensure your balance is correct when you are adding or subtracting from your tally, as disputing these values later can be difficult.