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At Games Laboratory, we believe Play is paramount for young and old alike. We strive to offer the smoothest events, the nicest play space and the most helpful staff.

We regularly organise structured play events, ranging from new-player Learn to Play all the way to serious competitive tournament play with huge prizes.

We buy and sell Magic: the Gathering cards and have a great range of the best board games, card accessories and much more!

We aim to be a rally point for gamers of all stripes, so please drop in to chat about the games you love. Our staff are not just friendly, but all play various games and are sure to keep everything fun and fair!

If you’re interested in running some events get in touch, we’ve helped run all sorts of things from a handful of people roleplaying in the dark, through to 180+ player national level and championship events for games like Magic: the Gathering, and Netrunner. We draw from a team experienced in managing teams of officials on the world stage, running events with over 3000 players!

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