Child’s Play Charity Trivia – Remote Raffle

Hi All!

A reminder that all of the event space will be occupied on Wednesday November 2nd for the Child’s Play Charity Trivia night!

If you can’t make it to the event, you can still join in to help those in need through the Remote Raffle!
Buy tickets online and contribute to the fund-raising efforts!

As of 10 October 2016, the Remote Raffle Pack consists of:
– 1 (One) 6 person voucher for The Enigma Room in Sydney!
– 1 (One) Kaladesh pack c/o Wizards of the Coast
– 1 (One) Rogue One fun pack c/o Wizards & Hasbro
– 1 (One) Transformers Titans Return (Voyager class)
– 1 (One) copy of Pie Face the game c/o Wizards & Hasbro
– 2 (Two) download code for Deathstair c/o Fun Sponge Games
– 1 (One) download code for Submerged on all three major platforms (that’s 3 codes total, one each for Xbox One, PS4 and Steam) c/o Uppercut Games
– some random fun things c/o your humble Organiser & Host (but not so humble as to not use capital letters for his title)


Splendor Board Game Event

We’re starting a series of board game organised play events, kicking off with Splendor!

There’s a Learn to Play session at the start of the event, so anyone can play, even if you haven’t played Splendor before!

Win a copy of Splendor and cool promo prizes!

We hope to see you all here Saturday 22nd of October!
Bring your friends!

More Info | Invite your friends on Facebook!

Kaladesh Available Tomorrow!

Kaladesh Available Tomorrow!

For the Public Holiday Friday we’re open as usual from 10am!
The Alchemist’s Refuge bar will be open serving refreshing beverages from midday!

We’ve got Booster Boxes, Bundles, Planeswalker Decks, and a pile of single cards for sale!

Kaladesh Sealed League starts tomorrow. It’s a fun, casual way to play a bunch of Magic over 4 weeks. You get $5 off if you played in the prerelease!
Each player gets a prerelease pack to build a deck from, play casual games in store, with prizes for participation.

More Info | Invite your friends on Facebook!

Prerelease Wrapup

From the 2HG Ridiculous-Pun-Team-Name-Competition, a prop based entry.
The Aethernet Cable Co. /groan 😀14484816_1202983913076099_4471842682564641563_n

Thanks to everyone who played in the prerelease, especially to everyone who helped make it an awesome play environment by giving others advice and feedback, picking up rubbish, and being generally fun people to play Magic with.

If you had fun, help us out by leaving a review on our Facebook page, or a review on Google, so that others can find us too!

If you’ve got feedback for us please get in touch. You can also always leave anonymous feedback at (and optionally allow us to reply, while you remain anonymous)

Kaladesh Prerelease this weekend – come and play!

Kaladesh Prerelease

This weekend – come and play!

Preregistration is now closed, there’s still space in all the events for walk-ins though!
The 10am Saturday is the fullest event, but still has ~60 places left.

If you’re playing the Sunday morning 2HG don’t forget it’s Sunday public transport, which sometimes has weird timing. Plan accordingly!

If you’re looking for some tips for deckbuilding at the prerelease check out the Prerelease Primer.

Kaladesh Preregistration – closes Wednesday!

Kaladesh Prerelease

September 24th-25th – Preregister now!

Preregistration closes next Wednesday, do it now!

We have fewer prerelease packs available for this event
than we had people attend the Battle For Zendikar prerelease.

I.e. If we get the same attendance as we did this time last year,
some people who don’t preregister will miss out.

Based on that, and how amazing this set is,
we highly recommend you preregister, guaranteeing yourself a place.

Kaladesh Masterpieces – Inventions

In a similar way to the Battle For Zendikar expeditions – Kaladesh will feature the “inventions”. A series of foil-only, special frame artifacts, appearing very infrequently in boosters.

They’re all truly gorgeous, and if you open one you can play it in the prerelease!


Kaladesh Prerelease – Preregister Now!

Kaladesh Prerelease

September 24th-25th – Preregister now!

Come to Games Laboratory for the largest prerelease around!

Meet old friends and make new ones!
Celebrate the new set and cards with a store full of likeminded people!

Preregistration closes strictly 8pm Wednesday 21st September. To get the discounted rate on events, booster boxes, or bundles, you must preorder by the above time.

Invite your friends on Facebook to join in on the action!

Prereleases are a celebration of a new Magic set. They are a series of events run over one huge weekend! Each event runs for about 5 hours.
They’re a fun, casual way to play with and get a whole bunch of new cards, and to meet new people. Prereleases are the only way to get hold of the cards from the new set before the official sale date!

Each player gets a prerelease pack of six boosters worth of stuff to build a deck out of. Everyone’s on an even playing field, building decks from just the cards in your prerelease pack.

The prerelease packs contains:

  • 6 Kaladesh boosters
  • A stamped promo card, which could be any rare or mythic rare from the set! (inlcuding the planeswalkers)
  • Spindown life counter

The event runs for four rounds, each round being the best of three games against someone who has won as many rounds as you. Each round you win gets you two boosters as a prize!!

More details on the event page.

Two Headed-Giant (2HG)

For this prerelease both the Saturday 3:30pm and Sunday 10am events are 2HG!

Team up with your friend and play together as a team!

Kaladesh Product Updates

For Kaladesh there’s a slight change to the usual product lineup!

Kaladesh “Bundles” – The new name for Fat Packs, now with 10 boosters instead of 9. They’re also $65 instead ($60 preorder). They’re otherwise unchanged.

Kaladesh Planeswalker Decks – these replace Intro Packs, and are going to be amazing.

For each set there’s going to be two Planewalker Decks. For Kaladesh it’s Chandra + Nissa

They’re a 60 card deck, with two boosters of the set, just like Intro Packs, but the decks are more focused.
Each deck has

  • One copy of a mythic rare planeswalker – that doesn’t appear anywhere but this deck
  • Two copies of a rare spell that has an effect and also tutors for the specific planeswalker
  • Three copies of an uncommon permanent that is enhanced by having the planeswalker on the battlefield
  • Four copies of a common flavored to the Planeswalker
  • Four copies of an appropriate common dual land

These cards won’t appear in normal booster sets, but will be legal in Standard, so you can play these decks in FNM. It also means there’s planeswalkers you can only get by buying these.

Booster Box Specials!!

Discounted booster boxes, only while stocks last!

Grab a friend and play one of the awesome two player draft formats! Minimaster, Winston Draft, Solomon Draft, Grid Draft, they’re all good!

Available both in-store and online!

Oath of the Gatewatch
Only $135!
Nissa, Kalitas, Chandra, Kozilek’s Return, Expeditions, and more!!

Eldritch Moon
Only $150!
Buy two for $280!
Liliana, Emrakul, Tamiyo, Ishkanah, Gisela, Spell Queller, and heaps more!!

Eldritch Moon Intro Packs $20!

oath of the gatewatch banner


eldritch moon banner