Lab Space

Want to book an event?

Games Laboratory is all about Organised Play and our upstairs event space, “Lab Space” is integral to giving our players the best facilities for the biggest events in Melbourne.

Casual access to the event space is FREE! If you are participating in any organised play (E.g. Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer’s League or Warmachine costs are as per those arrangements).

Opening hours for Lab Space:
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – 5pm – 9pm
Thursday – 5pm – 9pm
Friday –  5pm – 10pm
Saturday – 10am – 5pm
Sunday – 10am – 5pm

Lab Space features:

  • A clean, air-conditioned, well lit gaming environment
  • Access to the Games Laboratory Board Games Library
  • Access to the Games Laboratory Terrain Library
  • Table tops for War Gaming
  • Premium play mats for Star Wars X-Wing and other miniatures games
  • Table reservations (call ahead and book your table)
  • Access to additional gear such as a white board and markers
  • A Friendly Games Laboratory Staff Member will be on hand to help with scoring or other tournament/draft/league duties
  • Progressively upgraded facilities (including new board games, terrain, play mats and other upgrades).

PLEASE NOTE: This only affects the upstairs event space and not the downstairs shop space.