Prerelease Wrapup!

We had just under 850 entries from 500 players, smashing all the records!!

If you had fun throughout the weekend like our page on Facebook and leave a review, on Facebook and/or Google Maps

Battle for Zendikar is released officially on Friday, we’ll have boosters, intro decks, event decks, and single cards available for sale. It’s a public holiday so we’ve got drafts on demand all day, sealed league kicks off too.

We’ve got Friday Night Magic in the evening, triple BFZ Draft at 6pm, Modern at 6:30pm (every week now!), Standard at 7pm (KTK-FRF-DTK-ORI-BFZ)

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Battle for Zendikar Prerelease – Final Update!

Our stock is here and we’re geared up for an amazing weekend, we look forward to seeing you all!

First of all, for any non-Magic players; we’re going to be pretty full this weekend and can’t guarantee there’ll be any free tables. We still love you, sorry! Maybe come in for some boardgaming on the public holiday next Friday?

We’ve drawn our preregistration raffle;
Liam McCormack wins a From the Vault: Angels!
Lachlan Roberts-White wins a From the Vault: Annihilation!
They’ll be available for you to collect at your prerelease events.

Preregistration is now closed, with over 650 entries already it’s going to be a very busy weekend.
There’s still space in each of the events, but only ~30 spots before our venue cap for each of the 10am Saturday and 2HG (10am Sunday) events, if you’re planning on playing in one of those make sure you’re here early. We’ll try and keep everyone updated on attendance over the weekend in the Facebook event and on the website.

If you’ve preregistered head straight upstairs when you get here to check in with the scorekeeper, otherwise buy an event ticket at the counter then take it upstairs.
We’ll get everyone seated at the start time for some announcments and handing out prerelease packs.

Throughout the weekend we’ll be buying heaps of cards, so bring your trades!
We’ll have a Battle for Zendikar buylist available in store, offering a pile of store credit and some even better deals if you’re after Modern Masters packs.

If you’re fortunate enough to open one of the rare Zendikar Expeditions we’re buying those too, with prices ranging from a pile of Modern Masters boosters all the way up to a box of Battle for Zendikar, (preorder, to be collected when it’s released).

Please look after your stuff over the weekend, we always have a pile of lost property at the end of the weekend and can’t always get it back to its owners. If you write your name and a contact number on your stuff it’s much, much easier for us. Put your name on your deckbox, folders, whatever you’ve got! We’ve got some sharpies you can use for this purpose.

A few useful links for the weekend:

The Prerelease Primer, great for first time prereleasers!

Battle for Zendikar 2HG (Two-Headed Giant) deckbuilding tips

Battle for Zendikar Rules FAQ

Preregistration Closed!

Preregistration is now closed.
There’s still some space in each of the events, but only about 30 places in each of the 10am Saturday and 2HG events.
We’ll have some more details for you tomorrow, and we’ll try and keep you updated on attendance and spaces available over the weekend, both in here and on the website.
We’ve got 155 people preregistered for 2HG, so if you’re that missing head to make it even make sure you’re here nice and early Sunday morning. Keep in mind it’s Sunday public transport!

Preregistration Update – Reduced Allocation by WotC, get in now!!

So. In their infinite wisdom Wizards
of the Coast have decided to further reduce our prerelease pack allocation just 3 days out.

We are very, uh, unhappy, about this, to say the least.
We don’t want to turn anyone away and we’re doing everything we can to avoid doing so by sourcing more somehow.
James is currently investigating.

The current reality though is that our new allocation isn’t much more than our current preregistration numbers, if there’s anyone who hasn’t done it yet please, please, do it now, and let your friends know as well so they don’t miss out.

Battle for Zendikar Prereg Update

We’ve already got hundreds of people preregistered for the Battle for Zendikar Prerelease, join us in attempting to smash some records by getting 1000 entries over the weekend!
Tomorrow night is the end of the triple draw entry bonus for the From the Vault: Angels + Annihilation raffle, get your orders in now!
The Midnight, 10am Saturday and 2HG events are well on the way to hitting capacity, if you want to be sure of a spot, and for those events in particular, get in now!!