PPTQ – Vancouver at Games Laboratory

Today we had over 80 players congregate at the Lab to duke it out for a place at the Regional Pro-Tour Qualifier!

With 7 rounds of Magic followed by 3 rounds of play-offs it was a huge day for everyone involved and we would like to put out a big thank you to the Judges for their hard work today and the players for making this such an awesome event!

The top 8 consisted of:

Dennis Feng
Ian Cormick
Edward Nurse
Wilfy Horig
James Fazzolari
Zheng Gi
Tye Soens
Jesse Neave

With Tye Soens taking out 1st place after 10 grueling rounds of Magic!

Top 8 Deck lists after the break.
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Fate Reforged Release FNM Bonuses!

For FNM and League this Friday we’ve got a few special things for the release of Fate Reforged!!

– In draft we’re going to be drafting an additional 4th booster! The regular draft format will be FRF-KTK-KTK but this week only we’re inserting an Ugin’s Fate 3 card booster to draft after the Fate Reforged Pack is drafted!

– Everyone who plays in Standard will get an Ugin’s Fate booster as an extra prize!

Fate Reforged league kicks off this Friday!!

As a special bonus with Fate Reforged each booster you add to your deck comes with an Ugin’s Fate booster you’re allowed to play with as well!! (While stocks last but we’ve got plenty set aside for league)


Fate Reforged 2HG Team Names

Some of the awesome team names from our 2HG event today!

Our top 3:
Ugin and Tonic – Sarkhan, Not Stirred
Sultai Sea Dogs
SKhantilly Clad

Honorable mentions:
Let’s Do the Time Walk Ugin (apologies for Fabian singing the name)
Cake Regorged

They all received a small prize!

And check out the rest!

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Fate Reforged Preregistration is closed!

Fate Reforged preregistration is closed!

There’s still space in each event and some of each clan pack left if you’re turning up on the day.

The 10am Saturday event at least it likely to hit capacity, make sure you’re here early if you’d like to play!

On Sunday we’ll be open from 9am for 2HG registration, keep in mind it’s Sunday public transport and try and be here early so we can start on time.

Don’t forget to check out the Prerelease Primer for some useful tips, see you at the Prerelease!