Modern Masters released Friday, Lego Lab/Legacy/Vintage this weekend!

Modern Masters 2015 is released this Friday and to celebrate we’ve got drafts on demand Friday/Saturday plus a bonus FNM Modern Masters draft at 6:30, both this Friday and the 29th!

Saturday – Legacy at 1pm
Sunday –  Vintage at 1pm
Come and play some eternal Magic in preparation for Eternal Masters!

Sunday from 12pm we’ve got Lego Lab, a free attendance celebration of Lego! Join us talking about and building various Lego things.


Qwirkle – Added to the Board Games Library!

An addictive strategy game in the tradition of Sequence, Scrabble, and Othello, the Qwirkle has a simple, straightforward premise: match tiles and win points. But the real joy of the game lies in plotting and scheming your way to victory. Winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award and a Mensa Select National Competition Winner, Qwirkle is destined to be a family game night favorite. 2 to 4 players.


Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons books!

The Princes of the Apocalypse adventure is available now and we’ve got restocks of both the Dungeon Master’s Guide and Screen!

The new season of D&D Encounters is underway, it’s an adventure broken up into chunks of 6:30 – ~8:30 every Wednesday night, jump into the Games Lab Role Playing Group for details!
princes of the apocalypse