Colouring Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our Oath of the Gatewatch colouring competition!!
Our winner is an astounding set of four, submitted by Jolly Yau, winning a Battle for Zendikar Gift Box!
Our runner-up is Grace Bell with a fiery Chandra and rainbowtastic Nissa, winning a Khans of Tarkir Gift Box!
Your prizes are available for collection in store.
Winner – Jolly Yau!
colouring winner colouring winner colouring winner colouring winner
Runner-up – Grace Bell!
colouring runner-up colouring runner-up

$1k GPT Melbourne Top 8 Decklists 23-1

Thanks to judges Amelia and Jimbo for adeptly handling a busy day with a whopping 83 players!
We’re doing it all again with our third GPT Melbourne on February 20th

Samuel O’Keefe takes it out!

Samuel O’Keefe – Affinity
Luke Frazer – Collected Company
Mason Miller – Living End
Tim Patullock – Scapeshift
Ning Hao – Grixis Delver
Fabien Gauthier – UWR Kiki-combo
Ye Hua – Infect
Michael Swiatkiwsky – Affinity

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Oath of the Gatewatch Colouring Competition!

Colour in one of the four Gatewatch planeswalkers between the release of Oath of the Gatewatch and Sunday 31st!
Grab a printout in store!
Entries will be added to our colouring wall!
We’ll select winners the night of Sunday 31st to get Oath of the Gatewatch boosters as a prize!


chandra colouringjace colouringgideon colouringnissa colouring

Oath of the Gatewatch 2HG Team Names

The winners of our traditional 2HG team name competition! Full list of puntastic names through the link.

Call the Gatewatch: Wastes Management Specialists
Gate Scott!
Got Any Good Eldrazi Puns? Nah, Thought-knot.
I Sideboard Out My Other Head
Oath of the Great Socks (accompanied by two players with gloriously colourful socks on their arms)
The Church of Scion-tology
The Large Hedron Collider

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Pregistration Closed!

Preregistration is closed but there’s still space in all of the events. If you’re planning to play in the

  • 10am Saturday,
  • 3:30pm Saturday 2HG, or
  • 10am Sunday 2HG

and didn’t preregister, make sure you’re here early as they have some risk of hitting capacity.

We’re sold out of Fat Packs but still have Booster Box preorders open, there’s still some Buy-a-Box promos left.

oath of the gatewatch prerelease banner

Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease – Preregister now!!!

Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease

January 16th-17th – Preregister now before space runs out!

Come to Games Laboratory for the largest prerelease around!
Meet old friends and make new ones!
Play with new cards, and win boosters!

Invite your friends on Facebook to join in on the action!

Two Headed-Giant (2HG)

Wizards has told us that this set will be amazing for Two-Headed Giant, and has been designed with it in mind, check out the “surge” mechanic!
For this prerelease both the Saturday 3:30pm and Sunday 10am events are 2HG!

Prereleases are celebrations of the upcoming release of a new Magic set. They are a series of events run over one huge weekend! Each event runs for about 5 hours.
They’re a fun, casual way to try out and get a whole bunch of new cards and meet new people. Prereleases are the only way to get hold of the cards from the new set before the official sale date!

Each player gets a prerelease pack of six boosters worth of stuff to build a deck out of. Everyone’s on an even playing field, building decks from just the cards in your prerelease pack.

The prerelease packs contains:

  • 4 Oath of the Gatewatch Boosters (it’s all even, no seeded pack this time)
  • 2 Battle for Zendikar Boosters
  • A stamped promo card, which could be any rare or mythic rare from the set! (inlcuding the planeswalkers)
  • Spindown life counter

The event runs for four rounds, each round being the best of three games against someone who has won as many rounds as you. Each round you win gets you two boosters as a prize!!

Holiday Opening Hours

Thursday December 24th – Closing early for Christmas Eve
Friday December 25th – CLOSED for Christmas

Thursday December 31st – Closing early for New Year’s Eve
Friday January 1st – CLOSED for New Year’s Day

Other than that we’ve got our normal hours, come and play!
If you’re looking for gift ideas for a gaming friend ask us for tips, if they play Magic the Battle for Zendikar Gift Box or an Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease Ticket are great!

For FNM in January there’s going to be a bunch of extra promos while we play catch up.