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Two-Headed Giant (2HG) This Saturday!

What are you doing this lazy Saturday? Are you and your friend/significant other/Futurama head in jar/hyper-intelligent cat looking for a fun way to spend the day together? Come play Two-Headed Giant with us!
Teams of 2!
Entry only $30 per head! (hur hur, but seriously)
Magic Origins Sealed – You and your partner receive 8 Magic Origins booster packs to build your 2 decks.

“Origins” Trivia Results

Answers below!

  1. In which shopping center did Games Lab first open?
  2. What set did you first play Magic with?
  3. Counting Alpha/Beta as a single set, how many Magic core sets have there been?
  4. On which card did the word “Planeswalker” first appear in rules text?
  5. What year did The Simpsons first air on TV?
  6. Is it still good? YES | NO (circle)
  7. There’s only one card in Magic Origins with the “protection” ability. What is the card?
  8. Which set did it first appear in?

Bonus tiebreaker!
Circle one of the characters below and tell their origin story in 30 words or less. Seriousness and accuracy optional.

Nicol Bolas | Buffy | Batman

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Magic Origins Available Now!!

Magic Origins Available Now!!

Thanks to everyone who came to the prerelease :D

With over 600 entries it was an awesome, fun, and busy weekend! The set plays as awesomely as it looked and we’re all excited for more.

The set is officially released now, meaning there’s Boosters, Intro Packs, Fat Packs and all the singles from Origins available for sale.

The new draft format is triple Magic Origins, and you can play all the new cards in Standard! Nothing leaves Standard until the release of Battle For Zendikar late September.

Release Friday Night Magic 

Featuring “Origins” themed trivia!

For the release FNM we’re running a free “Origins” themed trivia contest at FNM! There will be a little Magic, a little about Games Lab and its origins, and maybe a few pop culture things.

There’s going to be Path to Exile FNM promos and some Origins boosters as prizes.

Everyone will also get the foil release promo Mizzium Meddler.

- FNM Booster Draft -

6pm – Triple Magic Origins Draft – $20 entry.

3 rounds, each round you’ll be paired up with someone who has won the same number of matches as you to play a best of three match in 50 minutes.

Booster prizes for 2 wins or better, FNM promos for top finishers as well as random door prizes!
Be here by 5:55pm to register.

- FNM Standard Constructed -

7pm – $10 Entry.

4 rounds, each round you’ll be paired up with someone who has won the same number of matches as you to play a best of three match in 50 minutes.

Everyone wins at least a Booster, plus promos and extra packs for those who do well :D

4-0 – 3 packs
3-1 – 2 packs
all other results – 1 pack
Be here by 6:55pm to register.

More Info | Invite your friends on Facebook!


Sealed League

The Magic Origins Sealed league is a fun, casual way to play a bunch of Magic, running for 4 weeks (plus an extra Friday in the last week to wrap up).

The first 5 games you play each week are scored towards league points, prizes at the end to the top finishers. You can’t play the same person more than twice in a week towards your score. Everyone who completes all their matches and has added all their boosters gets 2 packs an additional prize!

More Info | Invite your friends on Facebook!


Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier – Origins Sealed

Registration 9:00-9:50 for a 10:00 start

Battle for an invite to the Regional PTQ, anyone can play! There’s heaps of booster prizes plus you get to play Sealed with all the new cards.

More Info | Invite your friends on Facebook!


Magic Origins Prerelease – Bring new/returning players, get free stuff!

Magic Origins Prerelease July 11th – 12th

More Info | Invite your friends on Facebook!

Prereleases are celebrations of the upcoming release of a new Magic set. They are a series of events run over one huge weekend! Each event runs for about 5 hours.

They’re a fun, casual way to try out and get a whole bunch of new cards and meet new people. They are also the only way to get hold of the cards from the new set before the release!

Each player gets a prerelease pack of six boosters worth of stuff to build a deck out of. Everyone’s on an even playing field, building decks from just the cards in your prerelease pack.

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Fourth Birthday Sales!

Fourth Birthday Sales

Games Lab turns four next Wednesday! To celebrate we’re giving you the chance to grab some cheap games!

Not only are we discounting some older stuff, we’re going to drop the price on some big hits too!

Doomtown Base Set – $45
Zombicide – any Season, $20 off!
Fate Reforged, M14, and Born of the Gods Fat Packs – $40
Theros and Khans of Tarkir Holiday Gift Boxes – $20
Ion Deckboxes – $17
Game of Thrones chapter packs – cheap!
…and heaps more bargains in store, check out our sale shelf!

Mention this post, and we’ll see what else we can throw at you!