James Fazzolari winning WMCQ

James Fazzolari Wins the WMCQ!

James Fazzolari from Channel Fireball – Winner – RW Burn
Maitland Cameron – Finalist – Esper Control
Jeremiah Brown – Top 4 – RW Burn
Brendan Wylie – Top 4 – GW Aggro
Samuel Loy – Top 8 – Mono Red Burn
Francisco Aceiton – Top 8 – Mono Blue Devotion
Matt Jongsma – Top 8 – RW Aggro
Thomas Bot – Top 8 – BW Control

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Dungeons and Dragons Encounters Banner

D&D Encounters Update

We had some amazing attendance for the first week of Hoard of the Dragon Queen and are expecting even more growth as some of the regulars join this season!

There’s increasing need for Dungeon Masters and an increasing amount of effort for them so we’re tweaking the D&D Encounters entry slightly.

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Android: Netrunner National Championships

Netrunner National Championship!

The ultimate competition to find the Android: Netrunner National Champion! Saturday September 6th.

Anyone can play in this tournament and after having 50 players rezzing and smashing ice for the Victorian Regionals, Nationals looks like it is going to be massive! This is truly an event not to be missed!

Fantasy Flight Games are covering half the cost of the winner’s airfare to the World Championships!

$25 entry, registration 10:00-10:50 for an 11:00 start, late players may be refused entry.

Preregister online and save time on the day!