Battle For Zendikar Prerelease – Limited Spaces/Fat Packs

Hi All!

Wizards has limited our allocation of prerelease packs this time and severely limited our Fat Pack allocation.

This means there’s a very good chance the prerelease will sell out, if you want to play make sure you preregister!

Fat Packs will almost certainly sell out on preorders alone, if you want one get in now!
You can preorder one for $60 either in store or on the website

We realise this sucks, sorry. We’re trying our hardest to source more, this is all we can guarantee for now though.

Modern $1k 29-8 Decklists

We got 59 players! So, Modern is clearly still pretty popular 😀
We’ve got an extra Modern FNM on September 18th and then from October on we’re going to do it every week!

From October 2nd (when Battle for Zendikar is released!)
Draft: 6:00
Modern 6:30
Standard 7:00

Top 8 at the end of swiss

Dennis Feng – Merfolk
Jasper Miles – Grixis Twin
Troy Barton – Infect
Martin Keevers – Enchantment Prison
Zhengjia Liu – Scapeshift
Nathan Basser – Storm
Rupa Samanta – RUG Twin
Thomas Sellitto – Jund

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Ruric Thar

Two-Headed Giant (2HG) This Saturday!

What are you doing this lazy Saturday? Are you and your friend/significant other/Futurama head in jar/hyper-intelligent cat looking for a fun way to spend the day together? Come play Two-Headed Giant with us!
Teams of 2!
Entry only $30 per head! (hur hur, but seriously)
Magic Origins Sealed – You and your partner receive 8 Magic Origins booster packs to build your 2 decks.

“Origins” Trivia Results

Answers below!

  1. In which shopping center did Games Lab first open?
  2. What set did you first play Magic with?
  3. Counting Alpha/Beta as a single set, how many Magic core sets have there been?
  4. On which card did the word “Planeswalker” first appear in rules text?
  5. What year did The Simpsons first air on TV?
  6. Is it still good? YES | NO (circle)
  7. There’s only one card in Magic Origins with the “protection” ability. What is the card?
  8. Which set did it first appear in?

Bonus tiebreaker!
Circle one of the characters below and tell their origin story in 30 words or less. Seriousness and accuracy optional.

Nicol Bolas | Buffy | Batman

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