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New Season of D&D Encounters Soon!

The next season of Dungeons & Dragons? Encounters, Princes of the Apocalypse, kicks off soon!

D&D Encounters is an adventure running over a few months split up into 1-2 hour chunks from 6:30 Wednesday nights, you can jump in or out at any time, it’s ok if you miss a session.

Jump into the Games Lab Role Playing Games group and sign up to our email newsletter for details as it starts!
We’re looking for some more DMs for the next season, post in the group if you’re interested.


Winner of the Fate Reforge Playmat competition announced!

Games Laboratory is pleased to announce the winner of our Fate Reforged Playmat Competition!

Mariana Garcia created this full colour interpretation of the Shockmaw Dragon from Fate Reforged. The brilliant colour scheme and the fact that dragons are a central theme to the Fate Reforged set makes this an awesome addition to the Games Laboratory décor!

Mariana Garcia's Shockmaw Dragon Playmat

Mariana Garcia’s Shockmaw Dragon Playmat


Games Laboratory X-Wing Store Championships

Zach Gardiner X-Wing Store Champion 2015

Zach Gardiner – Games Laboratory X-Wing Store Champion 2015 with his plaque.

18 players turned out for our 2015 store championships today. The energy was great, lots of buzz and games getting played.

Big thank you to everyone who came along and played and congratulations to the Top 8 and most of all our store Champion Zach Gardiner (taking out his 3rd Store Champs)!

With Zach and Kirk already in possession of a bye the bye goes to the 3rd place taker Marcus Mailer.

Top 8 squad lists after the break!

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GPT: Auckland and X-Wing Store Championship This Weekend!!


Get a leg up at the Magic Auckland Grand Prix by competing in these Grand Prix Trials (GPT). These tournaments award a two-round bye to the Auckland Grand Prix, giving you a head start on the competition with two free wins to start the tournament.

The format for this event is a Khans of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Sealed with a cut to top 8 Draft. GP Auckland is the same format so this is a great chance to get some practice in and maybe score a couple of byes!

This event is capped at 64 players to keep the day fun and fast, preregister in store or online to guarantee your spot!


Scum and Villainy is here! With the release of the following three ships on Thursday 26th they’re legal for the X-Wing store championship this weekend.


– StarViper
– M3-A Interceptor
– IG-2000

“Most Wanted” isn’t available yet and the converted Y-Wing, Headhunter, HWK-290, and Firespray won’t be legal for this event. If you’d like to play Scum and Villainy you may only use ships, pilots, and upgrades from the three expansions above.

Buy List Updated!!

Buy list updated!

As always we buy far more than what is on the list, bring in some cards and we’ll have a look, you’d be amazed what you could get for cards you don’t even use. We buy full collections too.

Donations of basic lands (let’s be honest, you got them drafting here and forgot to put them back :D) or old sleeves are always welcome and will receive a high five.