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Had fun at PAX? Come play more! Magic, Dungeons & Dragons, and much more!

Check out our Find More Players page, it links to various things and ways to find players for a lot of different games.

Got questions?
Email: mad_scientist@gameslaboratory.com.au, message us on Facebook, or ask us in store!

Board Games

We’ve got a substantial games library you can come in and use any time for a gold coin donation. Bring your friends and try them out over a drink in the Alchemist’s Refuge bar!

Magic: the Gathering

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If you’ve just learned to play and you’re interested in more come and talk to us! We can run you through some ways to get into the game.
The two main options are:

  • Intro packs – a 60 card, two colour preconstructed deck you can play straight out of the box. They also come with two booster packs so you can mix things up a bit
  • Deckbuilder’s Toolkits – 4 booster packs, plus a whole bunch of cards and basic land, evenly distributed across the colours. Build decks and play, rebuild and try new things!

Wednesday Night Casual Magic – Every week, casual play. We’ve got a growing crowd of players who are new to, or fairly casual about Magic. Wednesday night is a night to get together, play some low stress games, and enjoy the fun of Magic. If you’ve got rules questions, come and ask us!
Fortnightly on Wednesdays there’s Melbourne Planeswalkers for Diversity, a casual, inclusive playgroup who do cool stuff!

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons: Encounters. Meet friendly people to play weekly on Wednesdays at 6:30, come and try it out for free! It’s an adventure broken up into weekly chunks, you can jump in and out as you need, you don’t have to be here every week.


ogw products fat pack

Oath of the Gatewatch Fat Pack Preorders – Open!!

Fat Pack preorders are open now, both in store and online! Prerelease details coming soon!

Our allocation is higher than last time but we’re still going to sell out of Fat Packs on preorder.
Lots of people missed out last time, don’t be one of them this time!

Each Fat Pack has:

  • 9 Oath of the Gatewatch boosters
  • An 80 pack of full art lands!
  • A spindown dice
  • A player’s guide to the set
  • A box with awesome art to keep it all in!

Found our QR Code?

Hi! Hope you’re having fun at PAX!

There’s going to be plenty of boardgaming and Magic each night this weekend in our store in the CBD on Little Lonsdale St, check it out! There’s a bar too!

Games Lab Limited Edition Pin!

Help us celebrate PAX Australia with style!

This very (and we do mean very) limited edition Games Laboratory Molecule Man pin will only be available from our booth at PAX, come say hello and grab one!

$20 each, or free with any purchase of over $200

pax pin

Full Building License This Weekend!

Just a reminder that this Thursday-Sunday from 5pm the whole venue will be licensed. This means that you can enjoy a drink from the bar upstairs as well!

It also means that this weekend from 5pm onwards it’s 18+ only! Make sure you’ve got some ID on you!

zen gift

Get the Gift of Eldrazi!

We have our allocation for the new Battle for Zendikar Gift Box – and while it’s not as restrictive as the Fat Pack debacle, there will only be one chance to get these.

We’re taking preorders now at $35 – the boxes will be $39 on release. This is more that last year, but there is an extra booster in the box! Yay!

Preorders are in-store only, as we want to reward our regular customers. And before you ask, there will NOT be full-art lands in these boxes. Sadface.

Sam Karopoulos Next Levels the Competition in PPTQ Madrid!

Sam Karopoulos piloting Jund Elves defeats Geoffery Marshall and his Esper deck in the finals of today’s 43 person PPTQ Madrid! Congratulations to both of them! Well done to all players for coming out and special thanks to our judges Jimbo Jones and Liz Wallace for helping it be a fantastic day.

Decklists of the finalists below:

Sam Karopoulos
Jund Elves
4 Gnarlroot Trapper
4 Thornbow Archer
4 Dwynen’s Elite
4 Leaf Gilder
4 Elvish Visionary
4 Shaman of the Pack
3 Nissa, Vastwood Seer
4 Collected Company
3 [mtg_cardDwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen[/mtg_card]
2 Sylvan Messenger
4 Atarka’s Command
4 Bloodstained Mire
3 Wooded Foothills
3 Swamp
3 Forest
2 Cinder Glade
4 Llanowar Wastes
Smoldering Marsh

3 Eyeblight Massace
3 Rending Volley
3 Duress
2 Ultimate Price
4 Self-Inflicted Wound

Geoffrey Marshall
Esper Control
1 Silumgar’s Command
1 Soulfire Grandmaster
2 Ojutai’s Command
1 Fathom Feeder
1 Ob Nixilis Reignited
1 Ugin, The Spirit Dragon
1 Pearl Lake Ancient
1 Languish
4 Dig Through Time
1 Horribly Awry
4 Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy
3 Utter End
3 Complete Disregard
1 Ruinous Path
2 Crux of Fate
4 Scatter to the Winds
2 Clash of Wills
4 Sunken Hollow
1 Blighted Fen
4 Prarie Stream
4 Flooded Strand
4 Shambling Vent
4 Polluted Delta
2 Island
2 Swamp
2 Plains

4 Arashin Cleric
1 Ojutai’s Command
1 Silumgars’ Command
1 Dragonlord Silumgar
2 Ulamog’s Nullifer
3 Mastery of the Unseen
1 Narset Transcedent
1 Utter End
1 Ob Nixilis Reignited

Child’s Play Charity Trivia Night – Soon!

Child’s Play Trivia Australia?’s charity trivia night is coming up soon! There’s only a few tickets left, get in now!

For the night the whole venue, not just the bar, will be licensed. It’s 18+ only so make sure you’ve got your ID on you!

This event will take up the whole event space, we’ll be skipping D&D encounters for that night, hope to see some of you here for CPT though!