Cristian Tapia wins the $1000 GPT Shanghai

Christian Tapia – Winner – GW Aggro
Dennis Wang – Finalist – Mono Red Aggro “Draft Commons”
Brett Girvan – Top 4 – Rw Burn
Sam Taylor – Top 4 – Jund Monsters
Ben Hawke – Top 8 – Mono Black Devotion
Luke Mulcahy – Top 8 – Mono Blue Devotion
Qiao Cheng – Top 8 – Rw Burn
Michael Swiatkiwsky – Top 8 – Esper Control

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M15 Released Today!



M15 Release Colouring Competition!
 - Sunday

Colour in one of the Planeswalkers from the PAX Colouring Book!!

We’ll have plenty of pages to colour in and some coloured pencils available.
Bonus points colouring a veil-cursed Garruk.

We’ll judge the entries on Monday, the winner gets an M15 Fat Pack and a random entrant will win a Steam copy of Duels of the Planeswalkers!


Release FNM

For the release FNM we’re giving away some copies of the brand new Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 on Steam!

Win all of your matches in either Standard or draft and you’ll have your choice of your regular booster prizes or a copy of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 for Steam!

We’ll also have a copy of DotP for each event as a random door prize.
While stocks last everyone gets a release promo foil “In Garruk’s Wake”.

Triple M15 Draft – $20 entry, registration closes 17:55 for an 18:00 start.
Standard - $10 entry, registration closes 18:55 for a 19:00 start.

M15 Sealed League kicks off as well, $40 entry gets you 6 boosters of M15 and a 200ct box to keep it all in. 4 weeks of casual play, rebuilding your deck as much as you like. Each week after the first you can buy another M15 booster to add to your pool.

Ask for more details in store!

Photo of Smallworld, Castle Panic and Discworld

Fantasy game throw down! Smallworld, Castle Panic or Discworld?

Get your voting fingers ready!
Smallworld, Castle Panic or Discworld?

BOOM! Donation box is full and ready to bring our awesome customers a does of the fantastical! What will it be this time?

The brutal civilization expansion and destruction of SMALLWORLD? The cooperative, monsterous mayhem of CASTLE PANIC? Or the underhanded battles for control of a small, flat world’s largest metropolis in DISCWORLD


Vote now by Commenting here or on Twitter or the Facebook post!

Voting closes 7pm Monday 7/07/2014!


Games Laboratory – X-Wing Wave IV Launch Party wrap-up

18 players battled it out with the new Wave IV ships for prizes, fame and fun on Friday night. Some great games played over the 4 rounds of the event. The 75 point squad size proved to be an interesting challenge for players who wanted it all and had to pare back their 100 point lists. One player even fielded a single Slave-1 with as many upgrades as they could fit on it with some success!
A big thank you goes out to the players who came out on a Friday to throw down their plasteel gauntlets at the Lab!
Final rankings on the day were:
  1. Tyler Jefferson
  2. Emil Zanettin
  3. Lawrence Katisidis
  4. Alex Savige
  5. Sarah Crowe
  6. Andrew Atkinson
  7. Paul Lenkic
  8. Jon Krik
  9. Rob Kersheval
  10. Ed Corsal
  11. Dave Side
  12. Matt Hogan
  13. Nathan Smith
  14. Darryl Brown
Photo of the X-Wing Wave IV launch party

Imperial Swarm vs Imperial Swarm the only winner in this battle is the Rebellion!

Photo of the X-Wing Wave IV launch party

A glimpse of Emil Zanettin’s very mean Lambda Shuttle list.

Photo of the X-Wing Wave IV launch party

Regional Champion David Side has a Bounty on his head. We on the table and it went to Lawrence K (not pictured).

Photo of the X-Wing Wave IV launch party

18 players shooting out for prizes and glory!

Full lists for the players after the break!

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