Learn to Play Magic this weekend – Free!!

Learn to play This Saturday! If you or your friends are interested in learning this is a great chance!
And experienced Magic judge will sit people down with a learn to play deck to keep and teach people to play from scratch.

If you can’t make it this weekend Duels of the Planeswalkers on Steam, iPad, XBox and Android tablet is another great way to learn. The demo is free to play and teaches you the basics, the full game is only ~$13 anyway!
The expansion with additional content is also available now.

The Grand Unified Games Laboratory-PAX Australia 2014 Post!

That’s right folks! The second ever PAX Australia is in a couple weeks! So we have put together this post with all the info on events at the Lab over the PAX Australia weekend!

As part of these events, Games Laboratory will have a temporary liquor licence from Wednesday 29 October to Sunday 2 November. The licence will cover the whole building, from 5pm to Midnight. This means you will need to be over 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to attend these events after 5pm. No BYO, sorry!

In addition to all these awesome events will will also be running a stall at PAX!

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Android: Infiltration Box Art with Games Laboratory playmat

Android: Infiltration added to the Games Library as a staff pick!


This game is awesome. Forget the cyberpunk theme for a moment and picture this:

You’re a thief and want to steal the most powerful (and most expensive) one of a kind artifact in history. Good news is that you know it’s on top floor of a building. The bad news is, there are high tech security measures and personnel around. Worse, there are other thieves who also plan on stealing the artifact and are ready to screw you over should you encounter them.

Make your way up the building, fight through security, work against the other thieves. Then once you have the artifact make your way down, fight through more security and stay one step ahead of the other thieves.

Oh, and the building can blow up.

Android: Infiltration creates a dynamic narrative through its gameplay. The players are responsible for all the twists and turns contained in each session.

I think you’re all going to have a lot of fun with this one.

Lab Assistant

$500 Events – Standard this Saturday, Legacy on the 11th!

Come and win some cash playing your favourite formats!

We’ve got a $500 Standard event this Saturday, play with all the new Khans of Tarkir cards in a wide open metagame, invite your friends on Faceboook! If we get 45+ players we’ll give away $1000 instead!

$500 Legacy Saturday 11th! – Get some practice for the Eternal Masters events at Next Level Games at the end of the month!

Buy List Updated!

Buy list updated!
Khans of Tarkir buy list available in store!

As always we buy far more than what is on the list, bring in some cards and we’ll have a look, you’d be amazed what you could get for cards you don’t even use. We buy full collections too.

Donations of basic lands (let’s be honest, you got them drafting here and forgot to put them back :D) or old sleeves are always welcome and will receive a high five.

Khans of Tarkir Available this Friday!!

Release Friday Night Magic
Triple KTK Draft – 6pm
Standard – 7pm (Khans of Tarkir joins standard and Return to Ravnica block and M14 rotate out)
Both events have the release promo foil!

KTK drafts on demand from midday.
As a Grand Final day special you
can pay for draft with 4 Khans boosters!